Hamilton Fact Sheet

Frustration. Gridlock again. You are going to be late. Getting around doesn’t feel easy. In fact, it feels unnecessarily difficult. 

But what if you had choices?

What if there was rapid transit from McMaster University to Eastgate Square? What if Union Station was less hectic to get around? What if the whole system was designed to make your life easier?

The average GTHA commuter spends 82 minutes trying to get to and from work every day.  If we don’t take action now against congestion, it could grow to 109 minutes. That’s a Hollywood film! Imagine doing that five times a week.

You are wondering how Hamilton is going to keep up. Hamilton is a bustling city with a thriving core but the major artery, the GO line, was built in 1967. However, the population has almost doubled since then.   

Want a solution? You aren’t alone. Over 88 percent of residents in GTHA have said that it’s important to reduce congestion, expand and increase the frequency of transit and get commuters to their destination more quickly.

Metrolinx has a plan—a world class, award-winning plan.  It’s called The Big Move, and it has already been approved not only by Hamilton Council but every municipality in the GTHA. 

What are some of The Big Move’s new initiatives that will make your life easier?

  • Get around your city more efficiently with the new Hamilton King-Main rapid transit (RT), which will run from McMaster University to Eastgate Square. 
  • You won’t have to worry about missing the last train, and you’ll get there faster with electrified Lakeshore Express Rail Service.
  • Enjoy enhanced two-way, all-day service on the Lakeshore lines. Hamilton will be served by the new James Street North Station.

Metrolinx has already started with several projects under construction, including:

  • The Union Pearson Express is on track.  By 2015 it will be offering 5,000 passengers a day quiet and efficient trains departing Union Station for Pearson Airport every 15 minutes.
  • Union Station is being revitalized to improve its quality and capacity and make your experience more efficient and comfortable.
  • Connecting between transit services has been made easier in Hamilton with your PRESTO card.

Sounds good? Our economy thinks so too. We are losing $6 billion each year in productivity and 26,000 jobs to congestion. The Big Move isn’t just an investment in your quality of life; it will change the financial health of the region. With every $1 invested in transit, our economy expects a return of $1.19. That’s a 19% return on investment!