Updates to The Big Move

The Big Move, the Regional Transportation Plan for the GTHA was adopted by the Metrolinx Board of Directors in November 2008. Since then, GO Transit, Union Pearson Express and PRESTO have become operating divisions of Metrolinx; new analyses have been undertaken to further implementation of the plan; new planning studies have been completed; and funding has been announced and construction has commenced for several transit projects.

At the October 29, 2012 meeting of the Metrolinx Board, staff were directed to update The Big Move on the basis that, it is timely to refine certain elements of the plan and fully integrate the GO2020 ten-year plan within the longer term transportation goals and objectives of existing version of The Big Move.

This is intended to update Metrolinx’s long-range regional transportation plan by incorporating the findings of recent studies, including the recommendations of the GO Electrification Study, project benefits case analyses and other technical studies.

The integrity of The Big Move’s foundation will remain – its vision, goals, objectives, projects, policies or priority actions, intact. The purpose is to keep The Big Move up-to-date and relevant. Studies and decisions since 2008 have provided further definition to projects and generated more detailed data and findings that can now be incorporated into the plan.

This is not a full legislated review of the regional transportation plan. As required under the Metrolinx Act, that review is to be completed by 2016. This legislated review will include a broader stakeholder and public consultation process planned to begin in 2014.

 On February 14, 2013 the Metrolinx Board of Directors  approved a Technical Update to The Big Move which now will be incorporated into the original plan.