What Is The Big Move?

The Big Move is more than a transportation plan – it is a solution to traffic congestion, transit backlogs and reducing what are currently the worst regional commute times in North America.

Launched in 2008, The Big Move is a 25-year, $50-billion plan for coordinated, integrated transportation and transit in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. Its vision, goals and objectives are rooted in creating for the GTHA a high quality of life, a thriving, sustainable and protected environment, and a strong, prosperous and competitive economy.

Work is underway on several projects. More than $16 billion in investment of the $50-billion Big Move vision has been committed to and visible improvements and signs of progress can be seen all over the GTHA, including the Mississauga Bus Rapid Transit Project, the York Region vivaNext Bus Rapid Transit Project, and the Union Station Revitalization.

There is still much to do. The Next Wave projects equal $34 billion in investment that will increase capacity where it’s needed most, and improve regional connectivity. These projects were identified in The Big Move, and have been refined and confirmed as next-step priorities for achieving The Big Move’s vision.