The Big Conversation

Public Round Table Meeting Summary Report

Metrolinx hosted a series of Public Roundtable Meetings over January and February 2013.

The purpose of these meetings was to engage participants in discussions about The Big Move, current and future transportation projects, and potential funding tools to support the plan. Metrolinx will consider this feedback as it develops its Investment Strategy.

Through these meetings, Metrolinx engaged more than 920 people through 12 meetings in six regions

From the feedback delivered by participants through the meetings, four consistent, top-line themes were brought forward.

  • Recognition of the problem of congestion and impatience for a solution
  • Willingness to pay for a solution
  • Preferences for revenue tools easy to implement, administer and track 
  • More information along the way about the Big Move and status of projects

Read the complete Roundtables Summary Report

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