A Stronger Economy

Our economy is changing fast. An increasing number of workers and businesses provide services to a variety of clients and require the ability to travel efficiently around the region. Employers need an efficient transportation system to attract the broadest talent pool possible. Our companies are fully integrated in the global marketplace and rely on predictable and efficient shipping times for their supply chains. Delays can reduce our competitiveness in a just-in-time environment.

In 25 years, the GTHA will have an integrated transportation system that enhances our quality of life, our environment and our prosperity. Our region will be competitive with the world’s strongest regions. Businesses will be supported by a transportation system that moves goods and delivers services quickly and efficiently.

Economic Benefits of The Big Move

  • Total jobs (person-years) (2012-2031): 800,000 – 900,000
  • Total impact on GDP (2012-2031): $110-130B
  • Total government revenues (all levels) (2012-2031): $25-35B